Episode 83 ft Tim O’Sullivan from Bae Juice

Episode 83 ft Tim O’Sullivan from Bae Juice

Episode 83

How you build a hospitality brand built on excitement, energy and true grit with the exceptional Tim O’Sullivan

Tim O’Sullivan is 26 years old from Melbourne, no university degrees and love to take risks.  He loves building brands and concepts from scratch as well as the pub and footy.  He is passionate about hospitality and what it has given him.  He is fortunate enough to part own a cafe, a juice company and soon to launch a food truck.

To contain Tim, his parents decided to buy a cafe and get Tim to run it and get up at 5:30am every day!   They had no experience in the cafe industry but built the brand to be one of the most successful venues in Essendon. They grew the site and developed it to increase the seats by 40-50 seats and have a nighttime offering with alcohol on Friday and Saturday nights.

Although we talk about funny things like the cafe having an ‘A-Frame-off’ with other local cafe owners, you’ll get so much from this podcast as you realise how Tim and his family have built a brand on what customer actually want. Building customer loyalty has allowed them to build smartly, develop their range of products and be consistent with their customers.

Please find out more about the brands here:

Benny & Me: https://www.instagram.com/bennyandmecafe/

Bae Juice: https://www.instagram.com/baejuiceaus/

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