Episode 80 ft Jordan Murray from Supp App

Episode 80 ft Jordan Murray from Supp App

Episode 80

How we can rebuild teams effectively post-pandemic with the CEO of Supp App, Jordan Murray

Being so connected to the hospitality industry has made me understand that staffing is the hardest part of hospitality for business owners, and individuals often don’t receive the right hours on their weekly roster. There is often mismatch in demand and supply for shifts. Supp is an app where underemployed hospitality workers connect with managers in need of skilled staff.  I know this is going to be a critically important product for the industry as we rebuild our teams. The platform handles the full process from recruitment through to admin and payments and is live across Melbourne, Sydney and Byron Bay Area.

In this podcast, I talk with the CEO Jordan Murray about what he has seen happen in the hospitality industry since lockdown, what areas of the hospitality industry he thinks will be hurt the hardest from this crisis and how he believes an app like Supp can play a part in the rebuilding of venue teams.

Please find out more about Supp App here, or just download it from the App Store and have a play

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