Episode 5 ft The North Spoon

Episode 5 ft The North Spoon

Episode 5

Managing to move forward as the wall is literally crashing down next to you with Managing Director of The North Spoon Gareth Naar

Located north in Sydney’s CBD in McMahons Point, The North Spoon is a neighbourhood favourite cafe by day and event-come function space at night. Famed for its Italian nights.

From its humble beginnings in 2017 it has grown into a favourite spot for many in the local area.

It is committed to using seasonal and locally grown produce from NSW artisans, farmers, and producers.

Like all venues in the industry, it has faced challenges in recent times and has had to adapt and evolve quickly in order to keep the business strong and sustainable.

So it’s a pleasure to chat with the co-owner of The North Spoon, Gareth Naar on this episode.

In this podcast we discuss:

-How he started out in the industry and how he would describe North Spoon to someone who hasn’t visited.

-If he ever thought about going out on his own and not having a partnership.

-The challenges they had over April 2022, and how they worked their way through it.

-How they are dealing with the staffing challenges right now, and what his thoughts are about the future of hospitality staffing in Australia

-What he is looking forward to in the future for himself and the brand.

The North Spoon Website: https://thenorthspoon.com.au/ (https://thenorthspoon.com.au/)

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A little more about RAW

RAW is a podcast series about the highs and lows of hospitality.

Each episode our host over at POH, Shaun De Vries, will conduct off-the-cuff, unscripted and uncensored interviews with the best in the industry.

They’ll be talking about their experiences, what they’ve had to sacrifice or overcome to achieve their success, and what keeps them pushing forwards in an industry that has a tendency to both wear down and excite in equal measure.

The guests will leave everything in the open, showing that even though they may enjoy a success that seems out of reach to most, they too had to work hard to get there and we all start from the same place.

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