Episode 3 ft Etto Pasta Bar

Episode 3 ft Etto Pasta Bar

Episode 3

Taking on delivery and actually winning with Dave Ansett from Etto Pasta Bar

Dave Ansett, along with his partner Stephane Meyer founded Etto with one simple idea: you should be able to get an experience on par with the trattorias of Italy for the price of a burger.

“Melbourne’s got such a great Italian heritage, but Italian (food) here has turned into either you’re sitting at a restaurant with white table cloths, and a waiter, and you’re there for an hour and a half and you’re paying forty bucks for a bowl of pasta. Or you’re going in somewhere and it’s slop, and it’s fifteen bucks.

“We really saw this opportunity to do this model in the middle. Do really great food—really high-quality food—but without the restaurant overheads, in a fast-casual model.

“When we’re humming we can do a plate of pasta every 30 seconds, that’s sort of our volume that we can pump out.”

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A little more about RAW

RAW will be a podcast series about the highs and lows of hospitality.

Each episode our host over at POH, Shaun De Vries, will conduct off-the-cuff, unscripted and uncensored interviews with the best in the industry.

They’ll be talking about their experiences, what they’ve had to sacrifice or overcome to achieve their success, and what keeps them pushing forwards in an industry that has a tendency to both wear down and excite in equal measure.

The guests will leave everything in the open, showing that even though they may enjoy a success that seems out of reach to most, they too had to work hard to get there and we all start from the same place.

Meet your hosts:

Shaun de Vries

Co-Founder & Host