Episode 219 ft Rebecca Feingold from Goldy’s Tavern

Episode 219 ft Rebecca Feingold from Goldy’s Tavern

Episode 219

Rebuilding a pub to be magical again Rebecca Feingold from Goldy’s Tavern

Goldy’s is a pub where your new best friend sits waiting, this is the pub where long-lasting friendships are forged. This is Goldy’s! and it’s magical.

This week we talk with Rebecca Feingold about her amazing career in the hospitality industry, coming from a marketing and design background, almost starting a health-focused food van, opening a very successful cafe in South Melbourne and coming to a place now where she owns and runs the amazing Goldy’s Tavern which has just won the national pub of the year award.  You will learn a lot and love this podcast with Rebecca this week.

In this podcast we discuss:

-What made Rebecca buy the pub.

-How much energy and excitement the team got from winning pub of the year.

-How do you feel about the industry moving forward, are you feeling hopeful?

-What the plans are for Goldy’s future, and with so much success if there is an appetite for more venues.

Please find our guest information here:

Website: https://www.goldystavern.com.au/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goldystavern/

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Website: https://principleofhospitality.com/

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