Episode 213 ft Erez Nahum from Shaffa

Episode 213 ft Erez Nahum from Shaffa

Episode 213

When developing a worthy concept is the most important thing with the owner and executive chef of Shaffa Erez Nahum

Entrepreneurial from a young age and with a degree in Business Management, our next guest Erez Nahumm opened three venues in Tel Aviv before his 30th birthday and worked in renowned Israeli bakeries, bars and restaurants where he honed his skills across all facets of the hospitality industry in both front of house and in the kitchen.

After relocating to Australia in 2015, he worked in a selection of Sydney dining and drinking

Hotspots, and after being granted permanent residency in 2019, he embarked on the search for a venue of his own.

In April 2021, while Sydney was finally emerging from its first Covid lockdown and before it

entered its second, Erez opened Shaffa in a unique Surry Hills location tucked between a

150-year-old church and an old inn. So I feel very fortunate to chat with the executive chef and owner of Shaffa, Erez Nahum on the podcast this week.

In this podcast we discuss:

-What drove Erez to reside in Sydney and where did the idea for Shaffa come from.

-We talked in the intro about the ‘Tel Aviv’ experience, if we were to close our eyes, how that look like.

-How long it took to focus on your concept to feel comfortable that it would launch strongly

-The menu is incredible and you have a lot of set menus as well with a focus on a bottomless brunch concept, from speaking with you beforehand I know this isn’t the norm from back home for you, how did you change your mindset on this concept.

-The importance of great team culture and how they develop this.

-What Erez is looking forward to for the future and sharing any new developments they are working on.

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