Episode 209 ft Thai Ho from Hochi Mama

Episode 209 ft Thai Ho from Hochi Mama

Episode 209

When starting a nightclub gives your the strength to start a restaurant group with Thai Ho from Hochi Mama and Straight Outta Saigon

Melbourne Dining Group owns the very successful Hochi Mama and Straight Outta Saigon brands, serving some of the best Asian fusion food in Melbourne all backed by Hip-Hop beats.

Their director and owner Thai Ho has a rich history of bringing some of the best urban musical acts to Australia as well as being a former nightclub owner.

With a passion for the hospitality and entertainment industry, fostering entrepreneurship, and always knowing how to promote a great hospitality experience, I feel fortunate to sit down with Thai Ho on this week’s podcast.

In this podcast we discuss:

-How he started out in the hospitality and entertainment industry.

-Running events and getting a big break at 17 years old.

-How the business idea for Hochi Mama and Straight Outta Saigon came about.

-The importance of mentoring at the start of your journey.

-Developing a memorable experience consistently.

-Implementing reward and recognition into the business.

-Thai’s role with Project Gen Z and mentoring young people in entrepreneurship.

-The power of belief in yourself.

-The advice for running multi-format businesses

-The exciting projects that the team is working on in 2022/23.

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