Episode 203 ft Trevor Simmons from Industry Beans

Episode 203 ft Trevor Simmons from Industry Beans

Episode 203

Stripping back to the bare essentials of what makes a great hospitality brand and experience with the CEO of Industry Beans, Trevor Simmons

Established by brothers Trevor and Steven Simmons in 2010, Industry Beans is a transparent operation of sourcing, roasting and brewing specialty coffee.

In 2013 they opened Industry Beans Fitzroy which was an open-plan coffee roastery and cafe and somewhere I visited on a regular basis to get an amazing cup of coffee.

9 years later and they now have 7 venues across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as well as a strong wholesale and e-commerce network, so I feel fortunate to talk with the CEO of the business Trevor Simmons in this week’s podcast.

In this podcast we discuss:

-How Trevor started in the hospitality and coffee industry.

-Where the idea for the first venue came about.

-Working in a family business out the gate.

-If being in different states means that it assists the brand overall.

-How IB has developed the E-Com and retail verticals of the business.

-The power of the coffee subscription model and how that was built.

-How the ‘Fitzroy Iced’ product was developed as their iced coffee brand for retail.

-The exciting moves for the brand in the next 12 months.

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