Episode 202 ft Aniyo Rahebi and Catherine Hutchins from Good-Edi

Episode 202 ft Aniyo Rahebi and Catherine Hutchins from Good-Edi

Episode 202

We revisit the amazing work that Good-Edi has been doing post their launch in 2021

In this special episode, we revisit the brand Good-Edi with founders Aniyo and Catherine to discuss their success since we first talked with them in March 2021.

In this podcast we discuss:

-How the brand has gone since the last time we spoke in March 2021, including setting up the pilot plant and starting to sell products to the Australian market.

-Expanding the product range to events for corporates and also developing a dessert cup

-How the investment in the business went from the pre-launch forecast.

-The role of automation in the business and how that helped in the implementation of Good-Edi.

-How to pick the right people to listen to as you scale your business.

-If the product has changed much based on customer feedback in the beginning.

-The next stage for the business and the investment plans.

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