Episode 199 ft Karen Dollimore from Lotus Barangaroo

Episode 199 ft Karen Dollimore from Lotus Barangaroo

Episode 199

Allowing customers to step out of their comfort zone and try something new with Head Sommelier of Lotus Dining Karen Dollimore

Today’s Guest Karen Dollimore has carved out an impressive career working in hospitality where she developed an unwavering passion for wine. She has been the Head Sommelier at Lotus Barangaroo for the past 6 years and prior to Lotus, Karen honed her skills in wine and hospitality while working at some of Sydney’s most iconic restaurants such as Catalina Rose Bay and Otto Woolloomooloo.

Karen’s wine philosophy is to encourage people to try something new and different to enhance a guest’s dining experience. So I feel very fortunate to have Karen on the podcast this week.

-How Karen fell into the hospitality industry by helping a close friend with her restaurant opening.

-What moment changed Karen’s decision to come into the industry.

-What gave Karen her love of wine after crafting her skills at some of Sydney’s most popular venues.

-How to not make wine more accessible to a guest.

-The tips to build a great wine list for a venue and how often to refresh the list.

-The challenges with obtaining wine from overseas supply chains currently.

-How once being a venue manager as well as a head sommelier has allowed Karen to see holistically both sides of the business.

-What we can do better in the industry to support women in the industry.

-What are you looking forward to for the rest of 2022, and are you feeling positive about the industry moving forward.

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