Episode 194 ft Phillip Kouch from Goldelucks

Episode 194 ft Phillip Kouch from Goldelucks

Episode 194

From pop-up store to Australia-wide delivery doughnut empire with Phillip Kouch from Goldelucks

At only 28-years-old our next guest Phillip Kuoch, founder and CEO of Goldelucks, has built one of Australia’s most fun and successful bakery businesses, pioneering the future of the baked goods and gift industries.

He is a keen and passionate entrepreneur, harbouring innovative and forward-thinking marketing strategies for business growth. Proud to be an Asian-Australian, Phillip hopes to inspire younger Asian kids

of immigrant/refugee backgrounds to know their worth and follow their intuitions in business.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw Goldelucks pivot from bricks and mortar to an online dessert delivery business. While maintaining its storefronts in Melbourne, Goldelucks has now expanded around Australia with next-day delivery available across the country.

So I know we are going to learn so much from our guest this week, Phillip Kuoch.

In this podcast we discuss:

-How the business started out and what was the initial driver for it was.

-How he leveraged social media to grow the business.

-How he handled the demand that was coming from social media.

-The success from their first donut festival against his mum’s advice.

-The story of the $20 gold donut.

-How Phillip comes up with new ideas for the range.

-The importance of customer reviews in shaping the identity of the brand.

-The advice Phillip would you give to people who are running family businesses

-How he has been able to scale the delivery side of the business nationally and not just locally.

-Exciting projects that he is working on in 2022.

Please find our guest information here:

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