Episode 182 ft Mike Patrick from Fancy Hanks

Episode 182 ft Mike Patrick from Fancy Hanks

Episode 182

Melbourne’s Finest BBQ Venues in the Centre of the City with Mike Patrick from Fancy Hanks

Starting out as a pop-up in the Mercat Cross Hotel in 2012, Fancy Hanks is undoubtedly Melbourne’s finest barbecue.

Using Free-range meats from Gippsland, Victoria and Cooked in a two-tonne custom-built smoker for up to 22 hours, this is legit BBQ.

House-made condiments, a cracking range of sides and a curated list of local wines, spirits and beer, it has one of the best vibes of any venue in the Melbourne CBD, so I feel very lucky to welcome Mike Patrick the Director of Operations to the podcast on this weeks episode.

In this episode we talk about:

-How did the idea for Fancy Hanks started from a pop-up

-How did Mike and Kent educated customers about BBQ in the early years

-How they tested the product range when they first started.

-How it felt to go from ‘pop-up’ to a ‘bricks and mortar’ venue.

-What about the brand has evolved over that time.

-Mike’s take on the different verticals like retail products that they have in Fancy Hanks and how his mindset evolved about it’s value.

-How Fancy Hanks has used order-at-table tech to support your management team and still keep a great level of service.

-What the growth plan is for Fancy Hanks and Good Heavens is with the new development directly next door.

-Mike’s theory about using the term ‘What if?’

-What new habits is holding onto from the pandemic

Please connect with Fancy Hanks below:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fancyhanksbbq/ (https://www.instagram.com/fancyhanksbbq/)

Website: https://www.fancyhanks.com/ (https://www.fancyhanks.com/)

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