Episode 180 ft Kirsten Chalmers from Point Zero Cellars

Episode 180 ft Kirsten Chalmers from Point Zero Cellars

Episode 180

How quality no-alc beverages and mindfulness go hand in hand with Kirsten Chalmers from Point Zero Cellars

Point Zero Cellars philosophy is simple – offer a healthier adult beverage to individuals seeking a more mindful approach to drinking, and companies who see the value in offering these alternatives to their customers. They focus on finding the best tasting alcohol-free beverages available and adding them to a predominantly alcohol heavy beverage industry.

So I felt very lucky to chat with the founder of Point Zero Cellars Kirsten Chalmers on this week’s episode.

In this podcast we discuss:

-Where did the idea for Point Zero come from.

-Why did Kirsten decide to focus on premium and overseas brands first.

-How her experience in psychology played a role in the brand.

-How Low-alc or no-alc drinks are now very much a normal part of the market rather than just a trend, and how big does she believe the industry will get.

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