Episode 167 ft Shaun & Sash

Episode 167 ft Shaun & Sash

Episode 167

An Overview of the Weeks Ahead for the Summer Series with Shaun and Sash

In this week’s podcast Shaun and Sash reflect on the year that was and give an overview of the podcasts that are coming up over the Summer Series over the next 6 weeks.

The schedule for the Summer Series is:

Week 1: Leon Kennedy from Proud Mary Coffee

Week 2: Julien Moussi from Only Hospitality Group

Week 3: Andrew Joy from Carlton Wine Room

Week 4: Matt Whiley from RE Bar

Week 5: Kirsty Chiaplias from Babajan

Week 6: Sallie Jones from Gippsland Jersey

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Meet your hosts:

Shaun de Vries

Co-Founder & Host