Episode 155 ft Joshua Abulafia from Chef Prep

Episode 155 ft Joshua Abulafia from Chef Prep

Episode 155

Allowing Sydney’s Best Food to Speak for Itself

It was great to sit down with Joshua Abulafia, one of the co-founders of Chef Prep, in this weeks episode of the podcast and hear about how the idea was born out of their personal frustration with ready-made meals and existing meal delivery services. They grew tired of spending hours on weekends preparing our meals for the following week and we weren’t satisfied with the taste, quality or convenience of meal kit delivery services or mass manufactured ready-made meals. So they decided to take matters into their own hands and set up an online marketplace where you can order your weekly ready-made meals from premium, award-winning restaurants in Sydney for an affordable price. So today it is great to sit down with Joshua and discuss how the business started out, why building different verticals for hospitality is so important, and the value they are adding to restaurants for the long term.

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