Episode 154 ft Christy Tania from Glace Dessert

Episode 154 ft Christy Tania from Glace Dessert

Episode 154

Delivering bespoke desserts that amaze and excite

This week’s Christy Tania the owner and head chef of GLACÉ Dessert Artisanal was born and bred in Melbourne and has grown to incorporate two stores with an International influence showing through its techniques. They believe in transparency throughout all of their ingredients and products, and that their continuous efforts in using only high-quality ingredients in their products yield the creation of superior dessert creations. Born in Indonesia, being trained in the classical skills of patisserie in France and settling and starting a brand in Melbourne, you will very much enjoy Christy’s story.

In this podcast we explain why ‘people eat cake because it’s Tuesday’, how Glace started out with her partner, and she ideates for her cake designs.

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