Episode 153 ft Jackie Middleton from Earl Canteen

Episode 153 ft Jackie Middleton from Earl Canteen

Episode 153

Leading Melbourne’s sandwich and coffee culture for over 10 years

Earl Canteen is a Melbourne staple in the CBD hospitality landscape, with 6 fantastic locations providing amazing breakfast and lunch options, as well as some of the best coffee around. They aim to create a culture where quality produce – local, seasonal vegetables and sustainable, ethically raised meats are a standard offering in this section of our industry. Earl has always been one of my favourite spots, and gave me such a great introduction to Melbourne when I first arrived here…so it was great to sit down with co-founder Jackie Middleton on this week’s episode. In this podcast we talk about how the idea for Earl Canteen came about, how the business has so successfully scaled over the years, how she and her partner Simon keep their staff engaged, and the exciting plans for the future of the brand.

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