Episode 136 ft Michael Bascetta from Worksmith

Episode 136 ft Michael Bascetta from Worksmith

Episode 136

Building a world-class community for the hospitality industry to thrive with Michael Bascetta from Worksmith

Michael is a hospitality professional with over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry. He spent his formative years in hospitality at Attica and is now co-owner of the award-winning Bar Liberty (Fitzroy), Capitano (Carlton) and Falco Bakery (Collingwood). Worksmith – a hub for the food, beverage and hospitality industry brings together the community through industry resources, events and co-working. In this podcast we speak about how Worksmith was formed and how they supported the industry with critical information in 2020, why they decided to launch the Melbourne Cocktail Festival and his thoughts on the important steps the industry needs to make to be sustainable and positive moving forward.

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