Episode 134 ft Chef Lisa Mead

Episode 134 ft Chef Lisa Mead

Episode 134

Ep 134 – The romance of cooking for high-class people on luxury yachts with Chef Lisa Mead

Currently at home in Queensland due to the pandemic, or next guest Chef Lisa Mead has spent the past 26 years travelling between Australia, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, cooking aboard luxury yachts. Whilst onboard, Lisa has served up some of her amazing and internationally inspired dishes to royalty, heads of state, and celebrities which I can not wait to talk about in this episode.  Lisa also appears on her very own TV cooking show in the Caribbean, aptly titled ‘Galley Gourmet with Chef Lisa’, which has had a very successful eight seasons exploring the British Virgin Islands. In this podcast we have a great chat with Lisa about her time on yachts in the BV Islands, some juicy stories about her time whilst on there, and how her artwork is an extension of the great food she puts on the plate.  We know you will really love this conversation!

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