Episode 129 ft Catherine and Aniyo from Good-Edi

Episode 129 ft Catherine and Aniyo from Good-Edi

Episode 129

How a crowd-funded Melbourne start-up will take on takeaway coffee cups in a sustainable way with Catherine and Aniyo from Good-Edi

Friends and Good-Edi founders, Catherine Hutchins and Aniyo Rahebi, have come up with a unique solution to make the consumption of coffee truly ethical with an edible coffee cup. Choosing the Good-Edi cup at a café means that takeaway coffee lovers don’t need to remember to bring their reusable cup, and they don’t need to accept a single-use takeaway cup that cannot be recycled and will end up in the bin a few minutes later. Good-Edi is like a waffle cone that can be eaten once it has fulfilled its use as a cup.

Consumers not wanting to eat it can throw it in the compost or even the general rubbish, knowing it will not take more than a few weeks to break down naturally. In this podcast, we talk about how they have raised the money to bring it to market, why the product is different from reusable cups and the extraordinary statistics on the number of takeaway coffee cups used in Australia everyday!

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