Episode 128 ft Shawn Soole from the Soole Hospitality Concepts

Episode 128 ft Shawn Soole from the Soole Hospitality Concepts

Episode 128

The world-famous bartender Shawn Soole from Canada on the state of play currently in North America

Shawn Soole is a Victoria, BC-based hospitality consultant, author and speaker.

Over twenty years ago Shawn Soole won a State Title at the Australian Bartender’s Guild cocktail competition, and he has been entirely immersed in the dynamics of the industry ever since. Soole Hospitality Concepts is the realization of his vision for a complete, inclusive consulting experience.

Shawn also has a hospitality podcast called Post-Shift. By bringing together a network of industry-leading colleagues, Shawn combines decades of multi-faceted experience and innovations in all fields of hospitality, including graphic design, marketing and public relations. Strategically, Shawn and his team at SHC mandate are to provide clients with a structured approach that outlines measurable goals. While implementing efficiencies across all phases of service to promote a healthier bottom-line, SHC recognizes that it’s just as important to drive sales through a strong brand story and tailored effective marketing. Please connect with Shawn and his team here: Website Instagram Please connect with us here at POH: Website Instagram

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